• Pre-Renovation
  • Post-Renovation
  • Pre-Renovation
  • Post-Renovation
  • Pre-Renovation
  • Post-Renovation
Address: 525 Camino de los Marquez, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Property Type:Office Building
Square Feet:37,841
Year Built:1980
Parking Ratio:4 spaces per 1000 SF (Above Standard)
Major Tenants:State of New Mexico; Prediction Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Millennium Partners, L.P.
Capital Improvements:2014

• All HVAC Units & Distribution Systems Replaced
• New TPO Firestone Warranted 20-Year NDL Roofing System Installed
Improved Landscaping


• Extensive Building Renovation and Remodeling including:
• Updated Common Areas and Bathrooms
• Tenant Improvements for the State of New Mexico
• Concrete Work on Sidewalks and Parking Lot Entries
• Painting and Stucco Work
• Façade Remodel
• Parking Lot Asphalt Repair and Replacement
• New Gates and Perimeter Fences
• New Signage and Entry Keypads

2008 – Addition of a Dedicated Computer Room and Generator

2004 – Extensive Renovation

1990 – Building Converted from Retail to Office Space